Polished Concrete Worktops

Practicality & Style

Extremely versatile and available in almost any shape or design, polished concrete worktops, counters or bar tops will add a contemporary edge to your interiors.

We manufacture top-quality polished concrete countertops custom-made to fit your specific needs: shape, size, colour and finish. We also offer affordable templating, delivery and installation for our worktops.

Environmentally friendly, safe for allergy sufferers, hard-wearing and durable, Stone Worktops’ unique concrete technology guarantees stunning looks and top quality at affordable prices.

Polished Concrete Worktops, Bar Tops & Countertops

Polished concrete worktop surfaces are suitable for homes and commercial interiors: kitchen and bathroom countertops, bar tops, shop counters, reception counters.


One of the greatest advantages of concrete is its practical functionality combined with durability. When properly sealed, polished concrete is to large extent resistant to water and most stains. Just as is the case with traditional natural stone, some basic precautions (for example, quickly wiping spilled liquids) will allow your concrete to retain its attractively modern appearance for many years.

And just like other natural materials do, as the years pass, concrete ages in an attractive way, acquiring a natural patina. As practical as they are visually attractive, concrete worktops also create a hygienic workspace for handling food in the kitchen.

Concrete worktops naturally suit modern & industrial design schemes

whether in a kitchen, bathroom, a space for entertaining such as a bar, or outdoors.

A concrete countertop will help you to transform your interior into a stylish contemporary space. Durable and resistant to mechanical damage, just like natural stone, concrete is also a very versatile material: your worktop can be created in a shape and size you want, with a choice of finishes and colours to perfectly complement your interior design scheme.

As it’s hand made to order, your worktop will be shaped to fit the space you have, including any extras: possibilities include an integral sink or basin, a draining board of a particular size or shape, or a splashback. We can also create a truly one-of-a-kind worktop for you, personalised with various inlays. Items that can be embedded in concrete include mirrors, glass, tiles, beads or other decorative elements, adding unique character and matching the style of the room.

The range of available pigments means that our customers can choose options ranging from white or natural, to various shades of grey to black.

The price of your particular polished concrete worktop will depend on your specific needs, as it’s the case with any custom-made item. Get in touch with Stone Worktops using our contact form to get a free estimate or browse our countertops gallery for more inspiration. For more complex projects, we provide on-site consultation and templating.