Prices & Costs


Due to wide variety of products, we provide price quotes independently for each project, based on various factors:
- Shape complexity;
- Thickness of a surface;
- Cut outs for sinks, hobs, taps etc.
- Whether surface or under mounted;
- Additional items such as drainers, metal rods, trivets, splash backs etc.

This is a general price guide for concrete worktops.


For polished worktop surfaces our prices start at £360 + VAT per metre, based on a depth of up to 600mm and an edge thickness of 25-50mm.

There is a minimum charge of £500 per order.

For one off products such as basins or baths, prices are always calculated per project. Colouring prices are calculated according to the colour selected.

Cut outs for sinks, hobs, taps etc. are additional and are calculated according to the complexity of shape, whether surface or under mounted and the thickness of the surface. Additional items such as drainers, metal rods, trivets, splash backs etc. are calculated according to design.

Templating, delivery and fitting (where applicable) are normally additional and are calculated according to location and weight.

It is possible for clients to collect products.


When considering concrete it is important you understand some of the capabilities of the material. With this knowledge you will be able to design the layout of your surface in a way that will allow us to provide you with as accurate a price, as quickly as possible.

Our polished concrete is a minimum of 25mm thick for work tops. However 25mm thickness may restrict the type of design details you can use.

Concrete is heavy like stone. (Approx. 2.3kg per Ltr). Consider the weight and access of the site.The position of cut outs for sinks, hobs etc. is important in relation to the thickness and size of your surface. You need to allow a minimum of 70mm of concrete around any cut out when working with a 50mm thick surface.

Thicker surfaces may allow a reduction in this dimension.If this is not possible it may be necessary to split the piece at the cut out.

Drainers come in all shapes and sizes and are a good area to be creative and think outside the box. It is always best to purchase the various kitchen products (sinks, hobs etc.) after you have considered the requirements of the concrete so that they fit within the spec.

Consider the colour and level of grinding (if any), the type of sealer (penetrating or topical) and the surface finish (glossy or matt).

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