Do not use or touch the worktop at least 48 hours after installation to allow the glue to set and in some cases for the wax/sealer to fully dry. Concrete also takes a while to fully dry out and so it may take as much as couple weeks for the final colour to come through which will be lighter than how it appears when first delivered. Product need to be treated with an extra care for first couple weeks while it will dry. You need to make sure to do not leave anything wet/hot/acidic on the surface to avoid staining.


When installing hobs/sinks/extractors into cut outs in the worktops, be careful not to be too rough as this may lead to small hairline cracks around the outer edges of the cut outs.


The exposed concrete surface has been sealed and waxed to help maintain/protect the surface. Depending on how much you use the surface (light domestic to heavy industrial) it is recommended that you top up the wax coating with some more wax every month. The main points to avoid are; Do not use the work surface as a chopping block, this will lead to scratches, always use a chopping block.

Cutting and chopping or any other action should be done on a chopping board and not directly on the surface of the product because it may damage it. Edges or corners of the product can be chipped if knocked by heavy items. Care should be taken when using heavy pots and pans.

Sealant can be also damaged by scratching with any sharp items, which is why StoneWorktop  recommend to clean surfaces carefully with soft equipment (such as sponge or towel) without any sharp elements. Do not place hot pans or other hot items onto the surface as this will lead to staining on the surface, always use a pan stand or coaster as appropriate.

Our surface sealants may be damaged or discoloured by the heat from hot utensils. StoneWorktop  recommend you to use any board or a trivet. Avoid spilling any strong acidic substance or using any harsh chemical cleaning solutions on the surface, this will eat away at the wax. If you do accidentally spill such a substance, immediately dry the surface and then wipe it several times with a damp cloth (allowing it to dry every time). You may then need to apply some more wax to the area affected, to replace the previous coat.

Cleaning solution we recommend DRY TREAT PRODUCTS.
Please contact Ceramiq International – 0113 231 0218
Wax we recommend (Monocera Clear Wax) made in Italy – you can by one from us for £45 including postage.

12 months no question ask warranty

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