Concrete Sinks & Basins

Designed for contemporary living

Polished concrete sinks and basins are becoming increasingly popular, and no wonder. Concrete is fully customisable and offers a choice of many colours - a particularly versatile way to create sinks, bathroom basins, bathtubs or shower trays that will fit exactly where you want them to fit.

The clean lines of a typical concrete sink will create a contemporary ambience and perfectly complement modern interior design schemes. From traditional and very practical Belfast sinks to countertop - integrated designs for bathrooms and kitchens, we will design and build a sink that’s perfect for your space.

Polished Concrete Sinks & Basins

Concrete’s versatility makes it perfect for manufacturing bespoke elements of interior design. We produce all types of concrete kitchen sinks and bathroom basins, from a  minimalistic contemporary sloping sink seamlessly integrated with a countertop to more traditional deep Belfast sinks.

Concrete allows us to create endlessly flexible forms, so you will be able to choose not just the specific design but, for example, the outer form of the whole sink unit as as well as the shape of the basin. Tap placement is also customisable.

Bathroom sinks

can sit on a cupboard, and we also offer special brackets that can be placed inside or underneath the sink to provide the best possible support. We also use extra reinforcements (inside the cast, not visible from outside) which make our products even stronger and more durable. Sealed concrete is water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about leaks.

We offer our sinks and basins in a range of colours (from white and natural, to lighter and darker shades of grey so you can choose the finishing style that matches your interior.

The price of your polished concrete sink will depend on the specifics of the design. We offer affordably priced free consultation on site, templating, delivery and installation, as well as a customer-collects option for those who prefer to collect and fit their items themselves.