Polished Concrete Tables

A Solid Concrete dining table made from high strength GFRC Concrete

Extremely versatile and available in almost any shape or design, polished concrete tables will add a contemporary edge to your interiors.

Each table is individually handcrafted with each piece custom designed and built to your specifications, and with the beauty and nature of concrete's natural imperfections and colouring no two pieces are the same which gives every piece their individual character.

Environmentally friendly, safe for allergy sufferers, hard-wearing and durable

Stone Worktop's unique concrete technology guarantees stunning looks and top quality at affordable prices.

Polished and sealed to give the concrete a very smooth surface while providing maximum stain

Most style table legs made of either wood or steel can be made, please contact myself for custom ideas and sizes.

This furniture is exceptionally sturdy and built to endure a lifetime of use.

whether in a kitchen, bathroom, a space for entertaining such as a bar, or outdoors.

Concrete Tables examples