Tiles, Floors & Panels

Hard-wearing and durable

Polished concrete is one of the biggest trends in contemporary architecture and interior design. Perfect for minimalist apartments, industrial-style lofts, trendy boutiques and other public and private spaces, polished concrete floor and wall panels and tiles will give your space an air of cool, understated luxury.

Hard-wearing and durable, environmentally friendly and safe for people with allergies, our unique concrete manufacturing technology is a way to achieve cutting-edge quality at an affordable price.

Polished Concrete Panels & Tiles

Polished concrete tiles and panels will help you transform your space. Poured by hand and hand finished, our tiles and panels can be made in a range of colours and finishes: our standard range features natural shades ranging from white to dark graphite that will fit beautifully into sophisticated modern interior design schemes, but we can also use various pigments to create a colour of your choice, customised to your specific preferences.

Different levels of the grind

Different levels of the grind will show more or less aggregate in the concrete, for a look that varies from uniform to patterned. All our polished concrete tiles and flooring are handmade from natural materials and, as is the case with all such products, will show slight  variation in their surface appearance. This enhances their organic, natural look.

Concrete is durable and hard wearing, and when properly sealed, water and stain resistant, which makes polished concrete tiles an excellent alternative to ceramic,  porcelain and natural stone in kitchens and bathrooms, offering a unique combination of a modern, sophisticated look with ease of maintenance and durability.

Bathroom panels

Polished concrete wall cladding or flooring can also be combined with worktops or sinks made of the same material, to create a unified look.

Polished concrete panels installed on the floor or a wall of your living room or reception area will create a superb backdrop to any additional interior design features, but a well-designed concrete wall can be a statement feature all by itself, especially when enhanced by appropriate lighting.

Your tiles or panels will be made in sizes and shapes that your design requires: we make them for your specific project, so non-standard shapes, cut-outs, embedded decorative elements and textured designs are all a possibility. Few materials even approach the versatility of concrete, and our expertise will help you take a full advantage of that.The final price of your polished concrete flooring or tiles will depend on the specific details of your order. Use our contact form or phone us for a free no-obligation quote, to arrange a consultation on site, or to talk about your requirements and get answers to any questions.

*unfortunately we are not able to offer installation for wall panels, tiles or floor tiles, please obtain an estimate from a professional tiler