How to clean and maintain your concrete worktops

Once you’ve decided to make the leap and get concrete worktops fitted, it’s important to learn how to clean and maintain them properly. Your worktops will change over the years, so it’s important to know what to expect and how to prevent unwanted stains. Here we’ll go through our 6 top tips to keep your concrete worktops looking timeless.

Always use pan stands and chopping boards

Yes, concrete is super durable, but to keep your worktops looking their best, you should never place hot pots or pans directly onto them as many sealants do not respond well to high levels of heat. It’s also important to never cut food directly on your worktops as it may scratch the surface - instead, always use a chopping board.

Clean spills as soon as possible

If you happen to spill anything on your worktops, don’t worry - they’re kitchen surfaces after all! To clean your worktops, use standard dish detergent and try to remove spills and stains before they harden, but if they do, gently rub until they come off. Concrete is pretty easy to work with, so try to avoid using cleaning products that are bleach-based

Tackle tough stains with laundry detergent

If you do need to use something a little stronger to remove tougher stains, opt for a little laundry detergent.

Rub a paste made from detergent and water into the stain with a soft toothbrush and leave to sink into the material’s pores for a few moments before wiping away.

We know you’ll be tempted to reach for your industrial-strength cleaning products, but trust us - gentle cleaning is the way to go.
Add additional topcoats over the years
You should aim to add a topcoat to your concrete surfaces regularly to keep the sealant working at its very best. It’s normal that some will rub off over time with typical use and cleaning, so taking the time to top it up will ensure your worktops stay looking great for years to come.

It’s important to know that once concrete starts to look worn, little can be done to fix it - it’s all about prevention here.
Use a pH-balanced cleaner
pH-balanced cleaners are another great way to remove stains from your worktops and keep them clean. Look out for wipes made specifically for cleaning concrete- these are the best way to ensure your worktops will remain well looked-after.

They’re fine to use every day for light cleanses, and are super convenient for those who are always in a rush.
Don’t worry about hairline cracks
It doesn’t happen to every worktop, but well-used concrete can develop a few hairline cracks. Don’t worry - these are just part of the natural wear and tear of the surface and will not affect the structure of your fittings.

These cracks are also too fine to trap food, so you don’t need to worry about hygiene. In fact, most people like the way concrete does this when it ages, rather than the cold and uninviting look of plastic products.