5 best ways to add concrete to your kitchen

Adding concrete to your kitchen is a great way to immediately brighten the space, making it look much more modern, and feel more practical. However, despite its great look and durability, few use concrete to its full potential. Here are 5 ways you can refresh your kitchen with concrete in 2020.


While it’s a well-known fact that concrete flooring is the most durable and low-maintenance choice out there, many get a little nervous about having it in their home. Choosing a concrete floor doesn’t have to mean creating a whole new industrial kitchen - it can be customised in so many ways to suit your style. Choose to colour your flooring with a warm hue, or go for a patterned design to match the rest of your interior. Gone are the days of cracked tiles and peeling vinyl flooring - it’s time to go for concrete.

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Concrete worktops have been around for years, but are now really coming into fashion. For the perfect chic kitchen, choose high-quality worktops that will last for years and provide the best workspace for whatever life throws at you. The truth is, concrete is one of the very best choices for your worktops - it’s stain-resistant and seamless when sealed, comes in an unlimited amount of colours, and cast be cast into any shape. Concrete worktops actually improve with age, too, which is more than can be said for granite, tiles, laminate, and even engineered quartz. We can help you to select the perfect made to measure, affordable worktops for your home here.


If you’re tempted to paint over the concrete walls in your kitchen, put the paintbrush down and hear us out. Beautifully natural concrete walls are taken for granted by so many homeowners who cover them up or knock them down. Don’t follow the crowd, make a statement out of your natural walls by creating a super modern and rustic space. If you’re looking for a bold statement then this is your chance to go big- and if you haven’t been blessed with concrete walls in your home, you can achieve the look pretty easily with a little DIY.
Polished concrete fireplaces are the perfect option for anyone who wants to test the concrete look in their home, but doesn’t want to commit to anything too drastic. With a wide choice of colours and finishes available, you’re sure to find something to suit your home and create a beautiful talking point for years to come.

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Integrated sink
While large, white sinks may have been the way to go in the past, those days are over. Choose a concrete integrated sink to give the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen - they’re super stylish and mounted flush with your worktops for an effortless look.

While these sinks look great, they’re also super practical - integrated sinks and hygienic and easy to wipe clean. Let us help you to create a seamless and elegant sink here.

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